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Psychosocial Support Program

By leanne in New Programs on May 31, 2018

As you may have seen in the newsletter (and front page of the site), KHC is in the process of implementing a psychosocial support group program in Sre Po, Cambodia. This is the little village that houses the Kindred Hearts Medical Clinic. When we carried out a health needs assessment in this village, and several other surrounding ones, many people stated that they were in need of self help, and education on how to deal with substance misuse (of either themselves or someone close to them), as well as marital counselling.

With this information, KHC applied to the Community Initiatives Program with the AB government, to attain a matching grant. This grant would fund the implementation of a psychosocial program, as well as the renovation of a quiet room/library next door to the clinic. In December, 2017, KHC was awarded this grant! The library was created, and stocked with books of many kinds… self help books, addiction counselling, Christian reading, Bibles (free to take home), and many, many other books that would better the lives of people in the Sre Po village and beyond. The library has tables and comfortable chairs which allow people to use the space to meditate, pray, or simply read quietly when they need a place to retreat.

The psychosocial program is still in the planning stages, but it is hoped that it will be a sustainable program that can continue for years to come. Part of the sustainability plan is to train local leaders in how to counsel folks who are struggling. These community leaders would be educated in mental health, and be aware of referral resources in the surrounding area. There are also plans to have biweekly support groups which are facilitated by one of the trained leaders. This would draw the community members together to give support to one another.

KHC appreciates your ongoing support, and contributions which make the Kindred Hearts Medical Clinic a safe, inclusive and caring community.